Montana trip?

Hello Everybody-

I am hoping that I can tap into the wealth of knowledge out there.

I am thinking about going out to Montana/Yellowstone in about a week. Has anybody fished out there during this time of year? I have looked at some guide services (Gallatin River Guides) and they offer packages, etc. Anybody used them before?

Any advice about waters (preferably not lakes) would be greatly appreciated. I will most likely stay in the western sector of the park.

Thanks a lot!
Well, I have been out to yellowstone many times. Although, I haven't been out there this late in the year. You would probably be better off contacting some fly shops(yeah they give you the usual runaround but they know some good spots to fish). Anyway, I like slough creek, lamar river, and some other cricks in the park. It's going to be incredibly cold up there. :LOVEIT :BIGSMILE



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Take a snowmobile! Oh my God, it will be sooooo cold! IF you are gonna be in THAT neck of the woods, do Paradise Valley! Do the HF,SF and all the spring creeks out there! My God, this is THE BEST time to be there for HUGE spawining Browns! LEECHES!!!!!! use big black leech patterns, toss it up, let it settle, let the current be your mend, let it pull your floating line down with the leech, hold on tight cause they will yank your arm out of it's socket! Hit the SC's with midge larva #76, that means SUPER small! Tie a v-rib body on a #18 with 2-4 turns of dubbing on the head, such a killer larva out there!
Thanks guys for the info so far. I am sure that it will be cold, probably getting close to 0* by now, but I figure that will clear out some of the competition on a good riffle.

Keep the info and thoughts coming!
Possibly just going out there with my girlfriend, although these will not be ideal conditions for getting her into flyfishing. Don't get me wrong, beautiful scenery but going to be dreadfully cold!

Have you found any web sites that show pictures of Montana flies? If I do end up going I definitely will tie up some new patterns.

Thanks again.


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Dan Bailey's is in Livingston - the east entrance to Yellowstone - its a great shop and they will get ya going in the right direction.

Bud Lilly's is in West Yellowstone and is another Great shop.

Dont know which way you are going. This time of year in that area IE: Madison River: Streamers = Browns.

If by chance you are driving east on 1-90 and head down through Ennis, MT - there is a GREAT Flyshop right in Ennis. Its a beautiful drive that runs right along the Madison. Check the weather though - once you get in closer towards yellowstone - the roads are notorious for snowing in. Just last spring (May) there were still 2 story cabins that were snowed under.

I know I will be in Madison near Ennis on the 11th of November.

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My girlfriend and I are going to my Grandmothers in Alder Montana..near Ennis Thanksgiving weekend. We may hit the Madison also. She is also going to try Flyfishing for the first time.


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I'll be there 2 days after Thanksgiving somewhere between Ennis and the road juncture that heads back to Henry's Lake in Idaho. Should be some Good Fishin!