How do you protect cameras & such while fishing?

what's the sense in paying as much for a waterproof container as you did for the camera? the camera becomes disposable at that point. a good zip lock while its in the daypack or pontoon pocket and then around my neck whenever its in use. most of the time its inside my waders and handy to use with no danger of dropping. the only one i ever ruined was my wife's (of course) and I forgot it was in a lower jacket pocket and waded in too deep. then i left it in the car overnight and it froze. i don't touch her camera anymore and that was 12 years ago! the vast majority of my fishing is lakes these days. i'd be a little more wary of moving waters due to falling, but i'm getting too old for that kind of thing anyway. i don't wade where i might get dunked anymore.
Zip lock. I totally agree with Salmo G. and Tony Mull. And yes, years ago, I sent a Canon Sure Shot down the 'nooch by flipping a canoe. That camera I never found, so it didn't matter how well it was protected.


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Tony Mull said:
what's the sense in paying as much for a waterproof container as you did for the camera? the camera becomes disposable at that point.
Except you get the advantage of being able to take sweet underwater shots.
I do the same thing, I use my small Sony on the river and just keep it in a zip lock bag in my shirt pocket under my waders. Piece of cake to pull it out and snap a couple pics.


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I personally use an Olympus Stylus 410. Yes, its only water-resistant but I think it takes great shots (Megapixels ain't everything baby). I have used it while kayaking, rafting and in torrential downpours. It has been slimmed by nice fish more times than I can count. I clip the wrist strap to my vest with a climbing carabineer. It is clipped on at about chest level so its never too far away. I can also unclip and hand to my fishing partner easily. To keep it out of the way I tuck it into a breast pocket on my shirt while its still clipped on. Never dropped it yet, or missed a good shot in the 3 years of owning it.

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I've pretty much stopped bringing a camera along on my fishing trips. I spent more time worrying about getting the 'right' shot or about protecting it when I wasn't using it than any benefit I derived from the pics I took. Plus, time spent fiddling with a camera is time not spent fishing.



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nikon d70 travels in a pelican case with all its lenses. when the action starts, the camera with appropriate lenses goes in a rolltop dry bag.

i have searched and searched for a dry bag that would provide easy access but have not found anything appropriate. so for now, the rolltop dry bag is the best i have found.