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What's the trick to catching bass this time of year? Is morning better than night, or is the reverse true? Large or small flies? How does the warmer water affect their feeding habits? Any help would be great, as I'm trying to diversify my fishing options. Thanks in advance.

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Well this time of the year the bass fishing will really be warming up. They will or should be spawning around now and all you will really need to do is find them in there spawning beds and toss almost any bass bug at them. I dont know that much on bass but if you want to go after the monsters, You may want to think about going after dark and tossing a big black bunny leach or a deer hair mouse.
Thats all I really know on bass I hope it helps
Well around my area the spawn has been over some time. The largies in the lakes around here you can expect to see start moving into the shallows sometimes in late March. But as a general rule around here April and May are the months for the big ones. From June on through early September it is going to be as a rule early and late in the day. That being said it is also the best time to get them on top. I use large foam chuggers in either green or yellow. In September when things start to cool then you will again see the larger females in looking to put on some winter weight. I've been out a couple of times the last week and have had the entire lake to myself so go get em and good luck !!!!:thumb:
Right now, the bass are in summer mode. Look for them around shade areas. I.E. docks, lily pads, fallen trees. Topwater is good in the morning and at sunset.


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Last week I caught a whopper on the Snake River (4"). Yup that's got to be the second largest bass I have ever caught. Any way when I am down there me and my buds usually fish for bass out of the mouth of some nameless creek. Mind you I have never really fished with a fly rod because I just learned, but nonetheless they were hitting chartreus 1/8 ounce jigs and marabous in early late April early May and started to hit the top water stuff around the beginning of June in the evenings and mornings. Good luck bass are everywhere.