Questions for Vedder Vets

Crump's thread on the Vedder River last week really got me making an effort to juggle my schedule. The result -- I'm headed north baby! But I have no idea what I'm doing, so here are my questions for those of you who have fished the Vedder a lot.

1. Should we bring our pontoon boats?(i.e., will it help us get away from the crowds and into more fish, or is access so plentiful that it wouldn't be worth the effort?).
2. Where should we stay?
3. Where should we fish?
4. What flies should we use?
5. Floating line or sink tip?
6. Can I expect the fishing there to be just as good in two weeks as it is now?
7. Any other advice?



"If I don't catch them today, I'll catch them another day." Art Flick
1) Leave pontoon boat at home
2)we stayed at the best western right off the freeway $88 canadian
3)go thru Chilliwack on main drag,you can get your license at Freds Tackle,about 1 mile past Freds there will be a bridge over the Chilliwack/Vedder river.Park there.Walk down the path about 1/4 mile and bail off the trail,you will cross a small side channel to a island in middle of river.Fish any of the deep holes there or downstream.
4)anything large and orange or peach colored for kings or add red and green for the chums,if it is raining try pink and you might get into some coho.Id suggest some large egg patterns,streamers,or egg sucking leeches
6)If it rained it will be better,as stated earlier the biologist said that only 15% of the king run had come in due to no rain
7)have fun,use heavy gear,pack light if you plan on keeping any fish,they get heavy on the walk out