Pass Lake

Has anyone fished Pass lake recently? I was thinking about going up there on Sunday, but I am not sure if the lake would be to warm right now. I have heard that it is pretty good in April and May. Think its is a good idea or bad idea?
Pass will be slow till the weather starts to cool in sept. try early morning, dusk (dries). or night fishing. otherwise try deep and slow. don't screw around when you hook a fish or you will kill them, use 6-10lb leaders and bring them on in. better yet, just wait till mid sept-dec.

Willie Bodger

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Interesting... I haven't fished Pass much in recent years, but I used to fish it in the summer as either an early morning or late evening fishery and the fish never seemed like the water temps were having much of an ill effect on them. I got them in decently and they took right off afterwards. And I hear it is fishing pretty well right now. I like it in the late evenings when the browns chase the minnows up into the shallows.

that light green layer of algae, once it stratifies actually reflects a lot of sunlight and heat so the water underneath stays pretty cool. This is common in kamloops area lakes like Logan or Stake. Fishing under the algae can be great, just got to minimize the knots in your lines as they quickly become green balls. I've never exhausted a fish on pass in any season, but they don't fight as hard in the summer. the hot weather is still to come, we just had indian spring or something so far. There are springs in pass, 5 I think, and if you can find them you will find fish in late july and august.