AMAZING...for the most part

Hi all,

I just had to point out the amazing job the guys on this site have done recently. In the face of continued attitude on this board, most members have done so well in respecting others and discouraging negative feedback to loaded questions or comments. :BIGSMILE Hopefully the winter will not be filled with testy confrontational posts, as we sit at home anticipating the coming spring.

Furthermore, the intelligence shown by most of these people are AMAZING. There are some VERY smart people on this site and i am very proud to count myself as a part of such a site. Just makes me feel better about posting in the future as this is hopefully a resource that will be available for years to come. But the site is only as good as its members. great job everyone.

Whitey, i am sorry to hear about your unfortunate situation, that would most definitely discourage myself as well. I can hope that this won't continue for you. Your posts are very interesting and i appreciate the way you take things with a grain of salt. So what if some may think you stepped out of line here or there, that is where a sincere apology comes in. If i recall you did exactly that. I respect that. Heck, plenty of members on this sight could learn a thing or two from your lightheart posts. You all sound like a tight knit group of well rounded fishers, keep it up. We wanna hear about all your adventures, don't let a few bad apples push you away. :HAPPY

Rainbow you seem to be the fisher of the week as far as i am concerned, congratulations and thanks for sharing your awesome photos.

Here's to a great winter everyone :THUMBSUP

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I don't know. Getting Whitey on the site adds that element of humor and laughing at ourselves that deviates from the mundane task of technical reports on the Yak, some part of the Snoqualmie, or the Lenice-Nunnally chain which seems to be the extent of some people's knowledge. I swear, if I hear one more report on any of these places I am going to lose it! But that's a different story.. If Whitey didn't playfully cap on people, we could spend more time making posts about gearhead stuff with "entertaining" posts like "What's your favorite brand of reel lube?" or "Lets compare the differences in SA type 3 intermediate and Cortland 444 type 3 intermediate." Such reports truly have a profound affect on your fishing, but make the source of sh_tty conversation..

Just this Sunday, Whitey and I spent the day fishing steams in the (509) and I can assure you, after 3 hrs in the car and a previous trip to Chopaka, that Whitey is not a complete jackass. If you set yourself up to be capped on, Whitey's the man to drop the bomb on you. By the way, for those of you who aren't in the know, Whitey is a fine fisherman.


Streams are made for the wise man to contemplate and fools to pass by.
(Sir Izaak Walton)
Lets not forget Bob's fictional adventures...

Although There was a bird named Micker which was the best fishing bird Willie had ever owned. Great full wing salmon fly feathers.


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Wow, thanks fella's, means a lot to me. I'm still reading all the posts, especially Bob Lawless. He's always crackin me up. We all need to hook up with him and make some casts, share a few laughs. That go's for all of you too, I will fish with anyone, and everyone. I enjoy learning something new, and often do from everyone I meet. Haven't met a member I didn't like. :THUMBSUP YT
I met Whitey and Sparse last weekend in the 509 area and found both of them to be insightful and knowledgeable. We discused this sight as well as fly fishing in general. I think we all agreed thatbasic common sense is the best rule of thumb regarding posting and fly fishing. Hey Whitey and Sparse, I hope you guys had more luck than I did. I made it to the Methow, but it was to dark to fish. Maybe I'll see you guys on the Stilly or Sky sometime.


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What do I know---I'm just an old man

Your statements are true because he fishes with me and as you all know that I'm the worlds worst fisher person. But I keep trying.

Steve, good to hear from ya'! We went to Rocky Ford and Whitey picked up a fine fish on the biggest and brightest scud pattern I have ever seen. It was pretty funny: He noodled the fish from the OFFC bridge.

I made a complete ass of myself in front of 15 or more dignified fish by running through a gamut of flies (at what I call the "out-of-bounds" corner) in front of the barbed wire. However, it was nice to know that the fish were feeding and the error was mine. It was a nice evening with not much wind.


Streams are made for the wise man to contemplate and fools to pass by.
(Sir Izaak Walton)