Here we go again - Announcing A Spey Day, 30 Nov

Just read where Krispy Kreams stock just paid $.17 a share dividend,
Must have heard about out Speyclave and Krispy Kream Festival
Saturday November 30, 2002 is the big day.
I will start setting up about 10 and the games begin at 11:00.
See you there.


Idaho Resident Craftsman/Artisan
OK Guys and girls. I will be there with my famous red wool pants and Hemingway "chick magnet" sweater. Just look for the guy with a sign hanging around his neck that reads: "Accepting donations for Chris' Christmas Present".

Won't be casting. I bruised my deltoid playing a little "turkey bowl" yeseterday.

See ya'll there!


Old Man

Just an Old Man
What do I know---I'm just an old man

Whats wrong a little sore muscle. Hell I was out there with broken ribs and you didn't hear me cry. You young kids,just can't take it can you. Boo Hoo,Sob Sob :TONGUE :TSKTSK


Rob Blomquist

Formerly Tight Loops
I5 to 405 to 520.

Get off of 520 when it ends, looking for signs to Fall City, you will be going for a good distance down the Redmond-Fall City Road. The shortest way is to catch the Tolt Hill Road off of the R-FC Road, and follow that to its end at Hwy 202. Take a left, cross the bridge over the Tolt River, and take an immediate left onto the road into a crude parking lot at the Confluence of the Tolt and the Snoqualmie.

If you miss the Tolt Hill Road, follow the R-FC Road to Fall City, take a left onto 202, then north until you cross the Tolt River, and turn left into the parking lot.

If you want a internet mapping site to do the work, Enter Carnation as the destination. The location is on the south side of Carnation.

Genetic pollution damages wild
stocks, bonk those Hatchery Zombies!