Sea Run Cutthroat?

Hey all,
Spent a few hours on the Green inside Flaming Geyser. Saw fish rolling but nothing all too excited about checking out my stonefly nymph. I went to a place I call Animal Run (I see animals was an otter) and hooked a Cutthroat, though he(or she) was about 13 inches and of remarkable girth.
Was this a SRC or was this a rare resident of exceptional health?
(He was caught.....and released on a #8 purple egg-sucking leech on the swing by the way)

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WERE there any people at flaming geyser and was there a decent amount of steelhead up there.have you ever tried fishing
egg paterns or wooly buggers or other summer run flies under a
strike indicator.I have yet to try this but herd it works when dead drifting flies for steelies.A good small river to try on the
olympic peninsula is the Lyre river where i caught my first steelhead at 11:00 pm on a glow in the dark and chartruse fly
hand tied for this ocassion because the glowing part reflects off the chartruse.GOOD LUCK AND SEE YA ON THE RIVER.
AHHH!!!!!! The green is closed until October 1st! Check the regs!!!

From my understanding there are no cutts that high on the green, probably a Juv steelhead.

First of all, the Green is open above the Hwy 18 bridge - just above Soos Creek. The river below 277th Street opens Sept 15, and from 277th to Hwy 18 it opens October 1. The closures are to protect chinook runs in the lower river and Soos Creek.

Second, there are sea-run cutthroat up near Flaming Geyser. Not as many as there are below Newaukeum Creek (and there really aren't that many in the whole system), but a few. The cutts in the Green enter the river early. When I lived on the river in the 70's I'd catch them as early as mid-June. By this time they've pretty much adapted to the river and look a lot like resident fish. I'd say a fat 13" cutthroat is of the sea-run variety.