another question????


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I've been putting some time in weekly now getting ready for fall, and feel like I'm getting the jist of the mechanics, even though its about 1 and 10 cast that go decent- no frustration though. Here's my question.... I'm having a hard time feeling what my fly is doing on the swing, kind of like i can't get in contact with my line, or, I'd have know idea if a had a bump or not. With a single hander the line is an extension rod and you can feel energy in the swing, I'm not feeling that with the two hander. Is it because there's so much line out, or is it a natural loss when picking up the big stick. Is there a method , like holding the rod lower to the water? Thanks.


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I don't notice any difference. If anything I feel more of what is going on with the long rod. Personal choice but I run the rod tip barely in the water so there isn't any slack. You will get used to the nuances of how things feel with the two hander.



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Another suggestion is that if your casting isn't quite as good as Simon Gawesworth's you may not have a straight tight line when the fly lands. You may wish to pull some line in right after the fly lands to straighten the line and have a tight line from rod tip to fly.