linked pontoon boats

anyone have experience with joining two pontoons to form one larger two man boat? Kind of like the double take that waterskeeter makes? I'd really like to be able to take the wife or older relative along sometimes, but I really don't want to tie up money and storage space with a two man pontoon boat. I think I could justify a new pontoon with a standing platform if I could link it to my southfork when needed. That would keep the passengers feet out of the water and I could use the new one when needed. Only got stillwater use in mind, no rivers.


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I have seen two 8' boats linked together on the ***** river more than once. It is an emergency procedure used when one boat breaks an oarlock or an oar. Tied together side by side, and each person rows with one oar. When asked they claim that this way one can drink and row at the same time. Quite stable side to side. Craig

Tony Johnson

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My buddy and I have connected our Southfork's together for a couple of years now. We have floated slower rivers, such as the Yak, and still water without a problem. We remove the ancor attachment from the lead boat and the foot rests from the trailing boat. Using stainless steel rods that are slightly smaller in diameter than the frame of the southfork, slide the rods inside approximately 12" for ample support. We drilled holes in the rods and the frame sizing to fit so that the pontoons are aligned straight and end to end. The rods are secured using pins which make putting together and taking apart easy. The foot rest for the oaring boat is important for comfort and pull. We flattened and curved two ends of a rod which is also pinned to the connecting rods which serves as a foot-rest and cross bar for stability in frame strength. I would suggest adding the swivel attachment to the seats. For a fairly inexpensive price, swivel seats allow both people to fish comfortably in any diriction. Ok, it's not as manueverable as a raft or drift boat, but for what it is, it works great.....:thumb:
i got a bad feeling that the side by side method would become increasingly difficult as the drinking progressed, ;)
great ideas hauntedbyrivers, that's kind of what I'm looking at. I suppose another option would be to get a custom frame to fit on both sets of pontoons.
Hi Tony, my buddy and I have been doing this for years with two southfork pontoons and it works really well. We just connected them by sliding the extra oars in between the pontoons and the frame, with the tight fit and the round part up by the handle they were not going anywhere. This way we could split up if necessary. Of course it makes a long boat so you have to plan ahead as it responds pretty slowly. We also stood on the seat of the front one to cast, takes some getting used to, not for the faint of heart, lol! Finally last year my buddy removed the seat and bolted a piece of plywood down for a casting platform, awesome!:thumb: