TBD NZ Sneak Preview in Vancouver BC tomorrow night!

AEG will be doing a showing in Port Coquitlam tomorrow night (Sat, 8/11/06) at 6 PM. We'll be showing a highlight reel from TBD V1, an Iceland slideshow along with five minutes of never before screened New Zealand fishporn!

For details go here:

Wouldn't be like me to give short notice or anything, but hey, what can I say? If you're looking for something to do Saturday night swing on up, it's not that far!

John Hicks

Owner and operator of Sea Run Pursuits
Ryan when are you comming out east? I was talking to Scott from Bears Den in Taunton Massachusetts and he wanted to get you guys out here to do a showing.

We've got a big winter film tour in the works that will include a number of east coast and midwest showings, have been talking to Scott about setting up a show in Boston... Stay tuned we'll be posting the venues and dates in the next month or so!

The Vancouver show went well, good times and good people!


Canadian flyfishing freak
The preview show in PoCo was fantastic!! Thanks again Ryan and it was great to meet you! Can't wait til the new DVD comes out this fall. If anyone hasn't seen the first one, do so, you won't be disappointed, it's very cool:cool:
Good luck with your upcoming adventures.