Bonzai alaska trip


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A friend called me up tuesday morning and wanted to catch a plane tuesday night to anchorage. So I get off work at 6pm and get home get my crap together, an hour later we are waiting on standby. We get to anchorage about midnight. Get a rental car($$$$), drive to some bird creek or some joke of a river. Wait til light, ok we couldnt wait that long, so at about 3am we went to the river after waiting in the dark to fish, no sleep at this time. Go down to the river and there were two grizzlies playing on the bay side, too dark for pictures. Started fishing after falling in the mud a few times. Fish everywhere, just as many people, buy the only fish being caught, were you guessed it, snagged. Than a jolly little grizzly heads up the river to play with some salmon, throwing them up in the air jumping on them, than walks away, no fish in mouth or hand, must have been full.

So we decide to go for a little drive and go to homer where we have a friend that is a fire fighter there. He takes us to anchor river where we get into a few fish, silvers, pinks and a king. Caught about a 10" dolly. Decide to head into town and get a bite to eat and call it a night. Woke up after a few hours of sleep and went back to the anchor and caught a couple more and decided to go else where. By than it was about 8am, time to start heading back to anchorage and came across quartz creek. Boy am I glad we stopped there!! It was nearly plugged full with sockey and 20-25" dollies!!!!! Sweet! Hammered that area for about an hour and figured we should get to the airport with the recent events.
All in all a fun trip, cant wait to go back when I have more time.

Have pics, but had problems, dont feel like figuring it out right now, will do it later.
unbelieveable dollies, huh? love quartz creek. those dollies get very closed mouth very soon and won't bite at all as they start getting ready to spawn themselves. lucky you, you it the window when they are still feeding on eggs. later there will be big schools of those big dollies on up the creek, but no takers. by then they are mixed with silvers and the sockeye are long gone. that was quite a whirlwind trip!


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Pics are now loaded in gallery. Some may think they are small dollies, To me they are big! They were hitting streamers, BIG streamers. Tried muddlers nothing, through on a 4" streamer, that did it.