Big Wood River, ID

Well, last week the wife and I packed up and headed for Sun Valley. We both had a lot of fun. I fished every day at least once, a lot of times twice. We camped right on the Big Wood river. The fish were pretty small, all rainbows, but it was fun catchin em. they were pretty scrappy for their size. I was averaging about 40 fish in a 4-5 hour time on the river. I used a hopper/dropper almost the whole time. Turk's turantula, stimmies, salmonfly dry, hooper dries were all used but I got the best results from the salmon flies and the turks. 75% of the fish took the dropper though, the best was a size 16 soft hackle hares ear. I even got into a couple pmd hatches and was tossin a dry then with pretty good success.

On my last full day in the area we hiked up to a locally known trophy lake. One fly, barbless, no bait regs. The lake held fine spotted cutts, rainbows, and big goldens. Sadly, I didnt get a golden. I lucked out though. There was fish rising when I got there (which was good because I dont own a sinking line). They were taking trico's size 22 on 7x tippett (doesnt really sound like me. Maybe I'm different on vacation?). It was fun sight fishing to those fish in ultra clear water, but as soon as the hatch died I was in s.o.l.

I never did fish silver creek. By the time I was wanting to drive down there my wife was fished out and I didn't want to put her through that or leave her alone at the campsite. Maybe next time.

All in all it was a good trip, a decent fly fishing destination and the wife was happy with the shops and such in the small towns so we ended up both being happy with the trip. I'm awfully proud of my wife. She was a trooper fishing as much as she did on this trip. prior to the trip she had only been Fly fishing 4 times with me.

She did freak me out when I heard her screaming down river that she got a fly in her eye. I chucked my new rod onto the river bank, ran downstream banging the crap out of my knees. I got to her and found that the fly was stuck to the outside of her eyelid. Luckily I had pinched down her barbs and the fly came out pretty easily. She listened to me after that incident about wearing her sunglasses! :)

Here's some pics of the trip

Great report and pics. My wife fishes with me from time to time as well. It is awesome you are able to share your love for fly fishing with her and I am sure someday your children. It looked and sounded like you had a great time.