Area 13 Action

I've had a great summer of fishing. Exploring the south sound looking for searuns has been a blast - and I have learned alot. But by the end of last week I was getting a bit antsy for some other action. My goal for the fall is to hook up with a salmon on a fly rod. Spent a few evenings last week with the intent of finding salmon with no avail, so yesterday we busted out the gear and came home with a nice 10lb chinook caught deep on a squid with flasher. My confidence has been renewed!

Has anyone been catching fish down south or is it still slow? Anything I should know? Thanks guys.


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I haven't been fishing my usual 3 - 4 days per week. I went out early, early Friday and ran from Pitt's Passage to Purdy. I have one follow-up from a king undernearth the Purdy Spit bridge at low slack.

The Indians have been scraping that clean, but they haven't been around in a few days.

Overall, the fishing in 13 has cooled over for me over that last three weeks.