Area 11 reports?

Any recent area 11 reports.
We will be fishing for Salmon both Sat afternoon and Sun morning and I am trying to decide between North of Des Moines or South maybe staying in one of the local harbors like Dockton or Gig Harbor Saturday night. We tried 2 weeks ago Three Tree point with no luck and in front of the light house on Vashon with no luck but did at least get hits in Redondo so I am thinking South and hitting Redondo, Browns and the mouth of Gig Harbor and a few other less known spots but I would head North of Des Moines instead, if I hear some good reports for the areas around Blake Island, Three Tree point etc. We will be already heading north to Brownsville for the long weekend which is another reason we are thinking South of Des Moines for the weekend.
If you are in the area and see a Sea Swirl with a radar on top and a couple either buck tailing or casting flies wave us a hello.
Thanks Marty. Well even if nothing is happening we will still be fishing some place because you just never know and and day on the water is a good one. I you see us on the water wave hello.
Well while the weather was good, Amie's and mine luck was bad. Trip started out with the engine dying before we ever left the marina, we also could not get the kicker to start either. We finally got it to start by pumping up on the bulb for about 5 minutes, turned out to be vapor lock. This was after I rowed the boat using a canoe paddle back to the dock. If you ever have to row an 18 ft cabin cruiser with a canoe paddle it’s not easy. Lucky for us there was no wind and we were only about 200 yards from the dock. Once we finally got the engines out of vapor lock we finally hit the water starting at Point Robinson. We also fished Browns point, Redondo, Dumas bay area and a few other points of land. Nothing doing at all with no shakers or hits of any type and we saw only one dog fish and one small Silver landed all day by anyone else. Talked to some of the gear crew out there and none of them seemed to be doing any better. Still it was a nice day to be on the water and the water stayed nice and calm all day.
We will be heading north next weekend starting Friday morning and will fish around Blake Island Friday and hope to be around Pt No Pt area for Tuesday and Wednesday of next week if every thing goes well. Maybe by then I will have the depth sounder fixed to help locate the bait schools. Its not been working our last couple of weekends out. I have not fished Pt No Point in few years but maybe the up coming rain will pull some fish into the area for us. Four more days of work then we will have 9 days of boating and fishing to help make up for some of the fishing we have missed these past few months.