Steelhead comments due


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take some time and read the most relevant chapters. the exec summary will guide you along.

i took 5 minutes and composed a response. everyone on this forum who has an interest in steelhead fishing needs to take a few minutes and do the same. if this fishery is to flurish, it will only do so when those who do the fishing start making some ruckus.

off soapbox...........

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Interesting stuff. I need to read through this and formulate a response.

Honestly there is a huge problem in my area with hatchery steelhead. A fair amount of anglers love them because of how tasty they are, and detest wild fish because they not edible. Now more skilled fisherman, be they bait or fly fisherman really seem to love wild fish for their fight and beauty. We must relay to the thousands of anglers who love hatchery fish how important wild fish are. This is not going to be easy.



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the community meeting schedule has also been posted. you folks might want to check out dates and times in your area. the PA meeting is on my calendar.


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I waded through most of the document last night...interesting read. My local community meeting is on my calendar as there is still a lot of work to do to help save our state fish... Thanks for posting this Curt!