Feather color preservation

I am building my first rod with the feather inlays and I used the Flex Coat Color Preserver to attach the feathers to the blank. Worked great. Then, I coveren the feathers with the layer of that CP, and noticed that the feathers rich colors just dimmed quite a bit. Is that normal? What is the best way to ensure that the colors stay at least close to original?



I think it depends on the feather. I tried the other feathers, from other bird kinds, and they were OK. So, do a sample with the feather you do not know, before doing it on the blank you are working with.



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The way I was taught was to use dip the feather in a polyurethane and then place directly on the blank. I have not used any color preservers on any of my feather inlays and have not had a problem w/ the feather losing its brilliance. I have done three rods now w/ feather inlays...so by no means am anywhere near an expert...might have just been lucky w/ the feathers that I chose.

I'm about to do my first attempt at a feather inlay, and I think I'm going to try the color preservative route. It seems that it is an easier way to erase your mistakes and start over than using perma gloss or other finish.

I just finished the last of 31 wraps tonight (I've been working hard all weekend), and that doesn't include the "do-overs." I plan on doing a feather inlay before doing the finish. Fortunately, I have to take a break to go on a fly fishing trip to Cranbrook, BC with some friends this weekend. The rod I'm building is a 10ft, 7 wt Dan Craft for steelheading, and I plan to try it out next month on a trip to the Grande Ronde.

I'll try to post pics when I'm done.


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I just finished my rod today. I need to get it outside tomorrow to see how it looks in the sunlight. I used the CP on three single grizzly feathers and it seemed to work out very well. I liked the idea of the CP so that I would wash it off and start over again if I didn't like the result of the feathers.

I always use the Flex coat lite, and have liked the results. I used CP on the thread for the first time - It seemed like I had more bubble issues than usual.
I don't know whether color preserver is needed for feathers, which are biological structures, not nylon. As anyone who's used c.p. knows, it makes the thread look dark and dingy at first - paradoxical, since the treated thread will be brighter when the thread coating is applied and dries.

You can and should test both thread and feathers, with and without treatment. Use a pencil or some other small tube.
Nooksack Mac said:
I don't know whether color preserver is needed for feathers, which are biological structures, not nylon.

CP is not needed to preserve feather colors, though I don't doubt it has an effect on the brightness. It does make a good medium for securing the feather to the rod before putting on the epoxy finish coat. One could use permagloss, but it's hard to erase a mistake with that compared to CP. CP will wash off with water.