fishing / tying?

It is worse than drugs, tying I mean.
You will start with one of each pattern.
Then it will be one dozen and one hundred.
You start hanging with the wrong crowd , crusing the roads looking for road kill, and next door kid's rabbit will be shaved for dubbing.
Do not do it.
It is one of the greatest thrills in life to tye fishit and enjoy it.
There is a couple other things that is this enjoyable but this being a family board we cann't go into that.
I think you can outfit yourself for some flies (steelhead and saltwater), or parts of them very cheaply - don't need to always hit the fly shop.

road kill, hunters and farmers (chicken capes) are a great way to get materials! Make sure you prep them well - nuke feathers for a few secs in the micro to kill all the little nasties or freeze, carry a pair of tin cutters for racoon, fox and possum tails.

need mallard flank? Hit greenlake and get a bag of it for free.

Don't forget craft shops! a whole scarf of marabou for 1.99 - mind you it's not the greatest, but it works and looks fine in the water. Peacock herls are really cheap too, as well as colored "jelly rope" kids use for necklace making, craft fur, doll eyes, mylar goodies (tinsel season is here too), glitter, colored glue gun sticks. Oh, and the flat foam for crease flies, bead chain by the foot, glass beads.

The best buy is the clear nylon/mono tying sewing thread used to hem pants - great for salt water flies.

today I found 50 feet of some weird chartreuse/green mono (and blue too? never see blue fishing line before) in the 25# test range at a chum hole - someone left it to lie on the beach ot kill birds etc - I now have a life time supply for new chum candy and shrimp flies.

Tying tube flies? The tubes that come with the pouch juice drinks are perfect, or if you get the ear cleaners with the palstic tube base.

Making poppers? Talk to your favorite computer guy and get some blocks of the white high density foam packing - then sharpen various diameter pipes to cut popper bodies - heat the popper slightly over a flame to get the tapered shape, poke a hole and you are done. Used these for dorado this summer in Mexico.

Value Village - now there's a fly shop - pick up a down pillow for white marabou (usually chicken feathers).

Be creative and have fun doing it. Nothing like catching on a fly from JoAnne's Fabric!

wow,i thought the last guy was joking about th e road kill! you have some great ideas for alternative means of materiels. time to get the tin snips out :DEVIL i just bought a cheap kit for 20 bucks, here chicky chicky!


...has several mistresses.
NEVER keep the bong on the tying table! Once spilled, it will strip the color out of your material so fast, or slow, or , maybe it does not at all and I just need to put the bong away! :DEVIL
I haven't been fly fishing for long. I went out with a friend for the first time a little over a year ago and now I can't keep my mind off it.

Anyway, I don't tie, just fish. I guess it is because learning everything that goes into this sport can be overwhelming at first. I just want to get comfortable in the field before I start in the shop.

On fly fishing day one, though, I formed the ultimate goal of catching a beauty on a fly that I tied on a rod that I built. I see that as a great accomplishment; starting from scratch (okay, I know you have to get materials that are manufactured, but it's pretty close) and catching a fish in such an artfully done way.

But, like I said, I still need to learn how to catch fish. I feel that I have a good start but it's difficult when you don't have any seasoned veterans that fish with you to help you out.

I'll be tying, building rods and, don't forget, fishing for the rest of my life and loving every minute of it. As a matter of fact I'm at work and all I can do is count the hours until the weekend starts to get out there. :EEK :EEK :EEK