Steelhead No. 2

Congratulations on a beautiful gloat - Especially since you caught this beauty on your own custom rod. Did you tie the Aleutian Prince yourself? If so, then you are da man :COOK .




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Beautiful fish. I miss fishing the Big Klick. As for the measurement thing. The calculators are good, but an easy rule that I've read about and seen to be accurate for me is this:
25"-30" you can pretty much assume a pound an inch like-
25" for 5 lbs, 26" for 6 lbs, 27" for 7 all the way to a 30" fish that will be 10 lbs. After 30" it's hard to determine, but once at 38" you have yourself a 20 pounder! This is based on an average steelhead build like the one in the picture above. Many in the Columbia system are eels (Skamania stock are skinny!) so they barely fit this where a native Skagit, Sky or Stilly fish will easily exceed it.
It doesn't matter that your fish is 7 or 8 pounds vs. 11 or 12. It's the perfect Klick steelie! Good job. Very cool about the rod matching your fly colors.

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Beautifu fish. lucky you. Nice that you keep them in the water.I would agree with the eight pounds-maybe nine-pounds estimate.

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Did I get you hook, line, and sinker on that first picture? How about this one, my second steelhead on a fly, from the Klickitat October 20. Sink Tip 8wt. with an Aleutian Prince hareball and 12 lb. leader. The "Broken Tree" run in the lower river. I like the way the fly matches the rod and guide wraps. I had the rod made using the magic colors for the Klickitat, purple and black. I measured my rod with a tape measure and this hen looks like 27 inches, and that's why I'm guessing 11-12 lb. She was larger and considerably more tussle than my first. On the initial run, before I had the fight on the reel, a tread on my frayed jacket cuff became wrapped on the line and for an instant I wondered if I was going to be pulled through the guides. But the thread snapped off before my leader.

I pulled her into the shallows and snapped about four pictures as she flopped around, and by chance this shot turned out almost perfectly posed, except that her tail isn't quite lined up with the rod butt.

Steelhead #4 broke off last Sunday. It was a good one.