Tipping for a multi-day trip


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I know that guide tipping has been discussed a lot on the forum. I went back through the previous posts and didn’t see the situation I faced come up.

My buddies and I just finished a 7 day 6 night float in Alaska. There were three of us and two guides. We helped everyday with camp chores; dishes, setting up tents, loading the boats, etc. We’re all pretty good fly fishermen and didn’t require a lot of extra help and or files. We did have a great time, caught lots of fish and would do the trip again with these guides in a heartbeat. At the end of the trip we really weren’t sure what to tip. We wound up giving each guide a Spyderco knife ($75) and $150 each.

There’s more to this story but I’d like to get some perspective on whether we were out of line or in the ballpark.