Team Rugged strikes Again: Dry Falls


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This trip almost didn't happen. I woke up saturday to wind, rain, and more wind. Our friendly T.V. weather man was spouting, "storm warning, batten down the hatches!" The bad weather was supposedly going to follow me and DW over the pass, or so they wanted us to believe. We met Sparse Grey Hack at Jack Mitchell's shop. After BSing with Jack about this and about that, we left and headed for Dry Falls. Hit the water about 3:30. No wind, blue sky, absolutely perfect fishing weather. Never believe the T.V. weather man. It was beautiful, we fished under a nearly full moon that provided enough light that headlamps were almost not needed. The bite was on, stripping leeches brought quite a few fish to hand between the 3 of us. DW landed 2 nice browns and 2 more fat rainbows. I was striking out at first, then a healthy brown struck my fly, about 17". I landed a 18" rainbow 5 minutes later. Sparsy Sparserson was doing his part, he landed 4 or 5 nice rainbows. And to think I almost bowed out at the last minute. Take that Jeff Renner! We fished a zipper on sunday, but thats another story... :THUMBSUP YT
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Dry Falls RB were right on schedule for night fishing, and for the second year in a row, I would like to thank Steve Probasco for his Night Leech pattern offered in the "Arid Lakes" book. Steve, I will be forever indebted to you..

Anyhow, the next day DW and YT decided to join me at the Seeps. The lake was a hike in and we decided to hike in YT's pontoon boat. We carried this thing up and down hills and walked through the tules of two marshlands before finally arriving at the outlet pond of the lake we wanted to fish. You wouldn't believe what meet us at the lake..I'll be damned, but a northerly wind was blowing right down the gut of this little lake creating semi-choppy conditions. Resolution: One strike for Whitey and a pat on the back and a kick in the ass to all of us for being there. However, this was one of the most "funnerist" trips I've been privy to in a while if not for the sunny weather, but for the good times.


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Thanks for helping out with the portage of my heavy pontube boat. You forgot to mention the hardcore bushwacking through 8 foot tall cattails and prickly bushes. No one in their right mind would attempt what we managed to lug into the bush. Guess thats why we are team rugged! Had a blast in the Seeps, we will be back for sure to try again. Sparse also got some pheasant feathers from some hunters we ran into. Get some Borax dude! :THUMBSUP YT


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Yea, something else wasn't mentioned about our trip...WHITEY SNORES!

Words of wisdom...if you eve go anywhere with him, don't sleep anywhere near him. By midnight, I was outside on the gravel with only a sleeping bag and an air pad, using the tire on my truck to block the wind! Even though it was cold, and a bit windy....I still slept better than I would have if I had to sleep by that kid! Man...go to the doctor's or something! HAHA! ;)

BTW: Found your sunglasses case on my driveway!

- DW