lost glasses a Pt Robinson

This is a long shot but lost my glasses over board this last weekend at PT Robinson. If any one is fishing the point over the next week or two I would love to get them back. They most likely would be around on the beach at a low tide since I lost them at high tide about 10 feet out from the beach.
There is a light house at Point Robinson and a home. The home is for the caretakers; you might try asking them if anything turned up. Actually a better bet would be to walk north on the beach from Pt. Robinson until you get to a cabin that says Pancake Heaven on it. It's about a 15 minute walk. The owner is retired and his name is Royal English. He walks the beach regularly and conducts tours at the lighthouse. If anyone who isn't a fisherman found your glasses it will be him or his wife. Even if he hasn't found them he is such a good hearted fella that he will make it his personal mission to look for your glasses for several days through the change of tides. Good luck.