WDFW Steelhead meetings


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just home from the gathering in PA. more fishbio's than citizens! where the hell are all of you devoted steelheaders????

these folks have a total mission impossible in front of them, a plan for each watershed, geez. check the schedule and get to a meeting in your area, it's really important for you to put your 2cents in the mix.


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disturbing info was they already have an 'enhancement' program outlined for the elwha, damn. i suggested they be daring enough to do nothing!

fishbio from the hamma hamma was also there and mentioned a special program they have going there. got to chat with him a bit. 2yr old smolts were released! they are the progeny of early return 'native' fish. looks like some effort is being made, albeit on a tiny scale, to enhance native fish in specific watersheds. this experiment amounted to about 450 2yr old smolts.

this first meeting will result in the puget sound watershed plan, drainage by drainage. that area starts at the CA border and encompasses all coastlines, rivers and so forth all the way to the elwha. get out there, folks, the majority of what they are focused on is exactly what is being discussed here every day. if you don't get on your soap box, don't bitch about the outcome.


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gt- im totally with you on the "do nothing" idea for the elwah...unfortunately it sounds like the tribes will have their way on this one


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on some level, i think the reintroduction of salmon is not a bad idea on the elwha. they already have a 'native' river brood stock program that has been running forever. what i am most upset with is the steelhead reintroduction. there is some 'feeling' that the trout trapped above aldewell dam may in fact be genetically related to the last steelhead to make the run up there. it would be really cool to just kick back and wait and see what happens with the steel. if the co managers really want to quickly return salmon, that could be the tradeoff.

come on folks, this is WDFW management area 6. all of puget sound, hood canal and the strait up to the elwha. that is a HUGE number of water sheds. get involved while you have the chance to be heard. these folks are actually listenning simply because they have been accused of dumping their 'plan' on you and me without considering anything we might have to say.

other issues raised:

- the data are so limited, perhaps the 'scientists' should loosed up and actually blend in observational information collected over decades by well known, highly respected and widely published fishermen.

- setting aside wild fish zones with limited or no kill as the rule.

- checking degredation of drainages to perhaps consider management from various perspectives, i.e., next to zero returning unclipped, heavy hatchery programs vs good to excellent returns of unclipped might just suggest no hatchery suplementation.

- they have missed the mark on the economic impact a trophy fishery would bring to a local economy. folks spending $1,000/day and up in B.C. should be a big wakeup.

- they need to go beyond the biology and consider just how their rulings impact local communities and their economies.

- enforcement and poaching continue to be major problems.

- coming up with a consistent set of rules just might help with enforcement.

- a cost benefit analysis of hatchery programs might suggest redirecting funds into enforcement.

just a few of the interesting points of discussion. will we see any of this reflected in the plan??? well, for sure, if you don't get involved, they won't be there.

Bob Triggs

Stop Killing Wild Steelhead!
We need to get on this opportunity. I am planning on attending in Olympia on the 25th.Thanks GT for keeping this on the forefront.:thumb:


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Here again is the link to the meetings -


3 of the 5 meetings have all ready been held. The one at Mt. Vernon had 4 WDFW staff and 4 from the public. Apathy continues to rule the day.

It continues to be very clear that anglers DON'T GIVE A RIP about improving steelhead management. It has long been apparent to me that Washington produces better fishing than we anglers deserve.

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Curt, and others.

Before you climb on your high horse and indict all of us who fish, please consider a few things.

1. In order for me to be able to afford gear, the ability to travel, etc. etc., I have to maintain gainful employment. As an association exec., my day is never limited to 8 hours. So, opportunity to participate sometimes comes into conflict with ability to participate.

2. I have a master's degree in engineering. Although I am far from uneducated or unintelligent, I do not have the innate knowledge of what to say or how best to participate in the process. How do I know the position I take in the meetings will be one that actually benefits our best desires...???

3. It is a minor luxury for me to check this board a couple of times a week. As a lay person, or someone who is not "plugged in", how the hell am I supposed to find out what meetings to attend, when and where they are, and what the hell to say when I get there?

Perhaps you could help alert us to the when/where part, and perhaps you might offer a position statement that would help us deliver a productive message. If it isn't too much trouble, perhaps you could even articulate some of the issues we should be aware of.

If you help build a hammer, I for one won't be bashful about picking it up and swinging it, at least part of the time.

Come on, give us a break, a little help, and the benefit of the doubt....




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Citori -
You said - "Perhaps you could help alert us to the when/where part, and perhaps you might offer a position statement that would help us deliver a productive message. If it isn't too much trouble, perhaps you could even articulate some of the issues we should be aware of."

If you were to take a little time a do a search I think you'll find that I have been putting in a fair amount of time trying to alert folks went the various meetings are, what are the processes for becoming involved, etc. - exactly what you are asking for I really don't think that the messages one should take to those meetings are not some sort of can message I or anyone else prepared though those are certainly available - see the sticky on this topic posted yesterday. Rather I would hope that your message you reflect what your personal desires and interests are. To that end I have also expended considerable time to be available to answer questions anyone may have about steelhead, their biology and management, etc so that folks can formulate their own educated opinions. As your quote above illustrates those efforts have largely been wasted - something about leading a horse to water.

I certainly would not expect everyone to become involved in each and every issue but with 100s of folks visitng this and other sites daily I would think that at least some would. I firmly believe that anyone that thinks they enough to bitch about the current state of affairs has more than enough information to provide input appropiate processes on how they would improve things but again it is clear that is a minor opinion.

In short I and others have supplied more than a little help, cut folks more than a little slack, and think these issues are too important to give one the benefit of th doubt.

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Take a look at my header - 17 posts. I am green as grass on here. In my short time, I have come to recognize you as a leader, somewhat of an authority. My post was not a criticism of you or anyone else. I am willing to step up. I THOUGHT others were in the same boat as me. Apparently I am mistaken.

If you would push some info my way, perhaps via PM, I would be willing to attend when/where I can and do my part. I am an old dog, but I have done my share of public speaking, I have done my stint in public service both as an appointive and elected official. At the risk of redundancy, I am willing to do my part, but I could use some coaching. If you are up to it...



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Citori -
You have time to become familar with the issues. The current set of meetings are what is called scoping meetings were the State is looking for input on there early draft EIS(Environment Impact Statement - for either SEPA or NEPA) of a Fishing Management Plan (FMP); in this case the steelhead chapter. They are looking at doing Puget Sound first in at least due in part to the pending ESA (Endanagered Species Act) listing.

The scoping meetings are to provide input on the issues to be covered in the ESI. Once they take that input and develop the document it will again be back out for folks to comment on - expect to see it late this winter. So you will get another chance to provide input. It is all ready too late to provide input to the steelhead science paper (deadline was 9/15) which will serve as the base for the ESI science. Also coming up will an opportunity to provide ideas for regulation changes - announcement expected in May.

For all these issues WDFW sends out news releases - a visit to their site provides can provide current updates. Also possible to sign up to have all the news releases emailed directly to you. Several folks watch those things closely and post topics with links for the rest of us. Those posting typcially provide an opportunity to ask questions etc. In addition the folks here can provide a wealth of knowledge these types of issues. Also if you specific question starting a topic will likely provide more input than you want.

While I have strong opinions I try to separate those opinions from the basic biology and data that developing an informed opinion is based. While it would be easy if everyone just adopted my ideas I really would prefer that folks take the time to develop their own opinions based on their own needs and desires. After all we are talking about how to use "our resource".

Stay tuned - and I'll try to provide as much a information as I can.

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time is hard to come by for lots of folks. given that, head to the WDFW page and search for the steelhead report. at one point the link was posted here but i'm sorry, i can't find it. after you have skimmed or read selected portions, it's not all relevant reading, you can send your comments in electronically to amilee wilson at wilsoalw@dfw.wa.gov. there are time constraints on these folks so it would be a good thing to read and comment THIS WEEKEND.