East Lakes

David Holmes

Formerly known as "capmblade"
I fished a lake in Grant County last weekend. Caught a 4lb rainbow and a few smaller ones, too.

The top water was WARM - like 70 degrees still, and the fish were WAY deep. Probably 30-40 feet down. Thermocline situation I'm guessing.

YYMV depending on the lake I guess.


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thanks for the reply.
I fished a grant county lake this weekend as well. No 4 pounders but we found fish with consisten action deep as well. Not much insect activity at all so we just kept it slow and low. The action completely stopped at about 3:00 in the after noon- we stuck around till about 4:30 anyway. On the way out we saw about 10 people getting ready to hit the lake along with the three that were already out there. Big crowd for a small lake.