Advantages of tube clouser minnows and other baitfish patterns

I tied up some 'tubers' on the same pattern as the Stinger Clouser that I gave you Sunday morning, and was very pleased. It was a pretty anemeic exchange yesterday, but I hit several cutthroat that really wound my watch on the take. I stopped losing the airborn fish, and that included a couple that put slack in the line, and jumped several times before I could get hold of them. I was using the same SC 15 #4 hooks, and the articulated bead gizmo. Tom is picking up some circle hooks this morning, that I'm going to try as well for the sake of the shorter shank..

I'm really sold on the tube fly variation now for all the reasons you mention in your post, plus, I find them much easier and faster to tie than the stingers I was using.

Anybody want a handful of traditional clousers?

Don F

After cutting the tube at a 45 degree angle, I clean the inside of the tube with a dubbing needle tool. Have not had any problem with line chaffing.

I use pearl sequins because I use pearl Krystal Flash on the underside of the fly and feel that the pearl is less noticeable. You can get sequins at most fabric or craft stores(Jo Ann Fabric) in sizes 6-10mm and I use the 10mm because they will give the most side-to-side motion to the fly pattern.

Roger, thanks for tip on the sequin. I fish clousers all the time but usually tie them on Daiichi 2546 sz 6 hooks.
I tied some up on tubes with sequin in front on Thursday evening and landed an adult coho Friday morning.

laivindil, the hmh tubes are really good and you can get them on ebay or at any good local shop.

gt, when I cut tube the other night to try it I quickly melt the end of the tube with a lighter. Just a tube habit I do so the thread doesn't slip off and it makes it smooth. I found that it is best to hold the tube vertical and lighter horizontal when melting the tube, that way you don't melt the plastic into the hole. I'm still new to tubes though, I've only been tying them for about a year. I haven't fished them a lot, but now since I've caught some fish on them my confidence in them is building and I find myself fishing them more and more.

I got a package of HMH(appprox. 50 small 3/32" o.d. dia.) tubes last spring at the Morning Hatch in Tacoma for about $5-6. Most fly shops should have them or be able to order them.


Congratulation on getting that coho. I have had success with Olive/white and chartruese/white clouser minnow for adult coho. What color combination was the fly that you used?

I got it on a pink/white.

I've been fishing usually about 3-4 days a week since mid August and I've been using a bunch of different flies. All the fish I've caught have been on pink/white flies. A lot of fish were on a pink/white deceiver.
Hareline has a new product out for '07 called Pseudo Hair. I've been using it a bunch and I like it a lot better than bucktail. It is very soft and has a lot of movement. I would definitely recommend checking it out.