"A Passion for Steelhead"

The Dec Hogan book, "A Passion for Steelhead" is in at the Orvis Company. They are hardcopies for $59 and look great!

My wife paid full price for a copy of this book for my Christmas present for 2004. Yes, 2004. So far we have not received the book, and Wild River Press does not respond to our emails or voice mails.

Has anyone else who ordered the book from the publisher received it yet?

It's published by Wild River Press, 2315 210th Street SE, Bothell, WA 98021, contact: Thomas Pero at 425/486-3538.

Same deal - ordered the book from the publisher in late 2005 and paid full price. No book received yet and the publisher does not respond to emails.



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Call your credit card company and cancel payment, which may never have been charged anyway since I think they can't charge until shipment. Send an email telling the publisher you canceled payment for non-response/non-delivery. If it arrives, refuse delivery. Delays are unavoidable, treating you that way is not.

I ordered mine from Amazon for $30 something in '05 and it showed up last friday. Still haven't opened the box. quit fishing this summer and forgot to cancel my order. Anyway, cancel the original, and order one on the cheap from amazon.


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I should have it in a few days from Amazon. I read here about the order now, no delivery policy Tom Pero offers, so luckily avoided that. Joe, I hope he hasn't charged your card for that. I'd break somebody's kneecaps if they took my money and kept it with no delivery. I recommend taking Philster's advice.

Shane Stewart

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It's a very nice book....one of the best on the subject I have ever seen. Was it worth the wait? Yes probably but it was not worth the unanswered calls and emails.
I certainly hope Wild River Press learns from this because this book is exceptionally well done.
For what its worth, my copy arrived in the mail yesterday. As others stated, it was ordered last December, just in time for xmas:beathead:


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For you folks that have received your books already....

Is the book more about double handed or single handed rods?



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The casting chapters details two-handed casting. But the important presentation chapters apply to both single and double handed rods.