Free Seminars at Orvis


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Fall Orvis Days this Saturday and Sunday

– Fly Fishing Sale, Free Food, Free Seminars, Giant Fly Sale, Men's and Women's Clothing Sale

11:00 AM - "Fly Fishing from Arolik to Andros" with Andrew Bennett: Take a photographic tour through two of the most pristine fishing spots on earth

12:00 PM - "The Yakima in the Fall - Top to Bottom" with Brian Chou: See if Brian rats out any of his secret spots

2:00 PM - Featured Seminar: "A Woman's Journey Into Fly Fishing."
Carol Ferrera will present a special program, for women only, as part of 2006 Fall Orvis Days. Carol will talk about the challenges women face getting into fly fishing. You'll learn how to begin the journey with the minimum of equipment, how to find the right fit, and where to go to get started on your own.

11:00 AM - 4:00PM - "Casting Salmon on the Grill" with Chef Rob Kettner: Catch the secret behind his famous salmon burgers.

Sunday, October 9

11:00 - 4:00 "Fly Casting Analysis"
Are you getting the most out of your casts? Is your double haul getting you the distance you want? FFF Casting Board Governor, Don Simonson will be here to analyze your casting mechanics, point out your mistakes and tell you what you can do to fix them. For intermediate and advanced fly casters only.

Call (425)452-9138 for more information