Yuri Shumakov

Bob Triggs

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I searched the site and found no mention of this. Further searches on Google.com yielded little details. If any of you have more to add to this that would be great.

Back in august the great Russian tube fly tier and innovator Yuri Shumakov died of a heart attack while fishing, on the Kola I believe. When I got interested in tube fly tying I often looked up Yuri's many beautiful and unique tube and bottle flies for an idea of how the best flies looked. As I understand it Yuri was only in his 60's. It is sad to see such a talented and inspiring artisan and flyfisher pass so early in life. They tell me that he had a real passion for Atlantic Salmon on the fly and was a consummate master on the spey.

Jerry Daschofsky

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Yes, sounds that Yuri passed while fishing the Kola Peninsula. I was a creative tyer with Yuri and had been corresponding with him for several years via the net. I had wondered why I had not heard from him. Was a very sad thing to hear indeed. He will be missed. I always enjoyed seeing his newest creations. Think I have a speyfly image he had sent me on my computer somewhere.