Belize-Ambergris Caye

Hi all...

Just got back from fishing in Belize for a week on Ambergris Caye and thought I would post a quick report. If anyone is going that way and needs some advice, let me know and I can give you more details. This was my first trip to Belize and my girlfriend and I had a great trip! We had some of the most amazing fishing days. You won't believe the #'s of fish I'm going to tell you....but its true and our guide can attest to it.

Total count of 2 1/2 days of guided fishing:

-49 Bonefish
- 1 Permit
- 2 Barracuda
- Snapper (Red and Mangrove)
-Ton of various grunts and reef fish

On day one, I caught 13 bonefish and a permit about 10 minutes from our resort on the flats. 9 of the bonefish were caught in a hole on a full sinking line (that's right....anyone who tells you not to bring a full sinking line to Belize is full of want it for deep holes and the mangrove channels during the day...Belize bonefish clear off the flats at about 10am and school up in deeper holes and the cooler water of the mangrove channels).

Day #2 was a 1/2 day of guided fishing....I caught 25 bonefish in that time. Again, most of these came from a full sinking line to a school of fish I was sight casting to in 12-15' of water in a mangrove channel. The record before that day was 11 bonefish in a 1/2 day trip....we hit a great school of fish (I'm not lying...I could see a school of several thousand bonefish hanging in this channel for about 300 yards....we didn't realize how big the school was until the boat passed over them on our way home) I also caught a rather big bonefish (for Belize standards) about 200 feet from the edge of the resort on the flats they have right there. I also caught a small barracuda while I was fishing the flats....very small one though.

Day #3 included 10 bonefish, 35 snapper, and a barracuda that moved in on the snapper we were bringing in. The 'cuda was about 4 feet long and moved like fish to catch!

I brought a lot of flies....I don't think you need that many though. I'll say that and then you'll get there and want to change flies a lot due to some changing conditions. You will lose some flies...just the way it goes on the flats and in the I would go with a few solid ones and bring them in good quantity. I caught nearly all of the bonefish on Christmas Island Specials (white/opaque body with an orange/tan colored belly on the fly to represent an egg sack) and Deep Water Gotcha's....both in size might even go down to an 8 on the CIS. The permit was also caught on a CIS....didn't have time to hit the few we saw with my 10wt which was prepped with a Del's Merkin Crab pattern.

If anyone is going that way and would like a good guide, Louis Caliz on Ambergris Caye is great. No fancy equipment or sexy boats....just good basic flats fishing with none of the pomp....just solid down and dirty fishing.

Have a good one!