Current Yak flows and drift boats

Itchy Dog

Some call me Kirk Werner
With the Yakima at it's current levels (~900 cfs) is a drift boat in for a bumpy ride or is it still managable? A buddy has a (new to him) drift boat that we may christen this weekend. We've both floated on rafts several times before but never in a DB with the water this low.

Are there certain stretches that would be better than others (in a drift boat) at these levels?



AKA Joe Willauer
your fine to float any stretch in a hard boat right now. there are a couple spots that are trickier than normal in the farmlands but nothing bad. you can see everything coming. at least it's not as low as last year!


AKA: Gregory Mine
My Dad and I floated Big Horn to Reds and had a blast. No issues, incidentals, sneakers, or anything. Just watch your drift and you will have no problem at all. You have plenty of time to pick your drift and get lined up. The rock garden was low, but you have plenty of time to react, and even then, it was simple. So I bumped a few, rolled over a few, slapped an oar on a couple, my G-4 coating just laughed at them.

Take the float, the fish are really happy to say Hi..

My .02 cents