Pass Lake Report

I fished Pass today from 10am to 3pm. I got the first fish on a homebrew fly (wollybugger type in white and gray) on the first cast. It was a smaller rainbow about 14 inches. I fish the north shoreline pretty hard for about the next hour with only one bite. Switched to a bigger bugger type fly in black and hooked into the best fish of the day. It was a 20+ inch beautifully fall colored rainbow. The next hour was hot. I caught two more rainbows in the 18-inch range and a few smaller 14 or less. I decided to let the wind push me back to the launch and just kind of kicked back and watched the eagle doing their own fishing. I got another little guy on the way. Still not much fight in the bigger fish. They certainly don't have the spunk that the littler guys do. Lots of algae still around. I tell ya that sure beats a day at the office.


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Wayne Jordan said:
If you go just ignore the green stuff on the water... The fish don't care...:thumb:

Nice....Pea Soup :) ......that brings back a few unpleasant memories of fungi colored backing and other life forming debri on gear after letting it sit for two months after a Pass Lake trip. I thought that stuff might have cleared by now.... No?

Curious what time of year did you take that Wayne? Aug/Sept?


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I was there last weekend and it still looks like that. Its worse than i've ever seen it. The main bay by the house is completely muck, but the boat launch area is pretty clean. Fishing is limited to areas not occupied by swampthing.
I don’t know why this lake suffers so bad from the algae blooms. Nothing sucks the oxygen out of the water faster then a thick layer of algae on an overcast day.