Pass Lake tommorow?

Hello gents,
Since all the rivers are blown out I think I shall brave the traffic and head north to pass lake tommorow morning after dropping my kid cousin off at school tommorow. How is Pass lake this time of year, with all this rain? It will be my first time there.
Well I went to kaufmann bellevue this morning and decided on the Simms L2 wader, it seems nice and comfy, I love it. Bought a cheap pair of boots, had to go to size 11 to fit, but its a very comfy fit on the feet:D Got a creek company U-Boat 2000. I'm itching to try everything out.
Besides Pass lake, any other good lakes to try? What about Beaver lake or Pine lake in sammamish? how does that compare to Pass? Also thinking of Lake No.12, or Lake wilderness, never been to any of those before. which one should I try?
Thanks, Lou


Fish Addict
Try pass lake. I havent been for two weeks but I would guess it would be good right now. By now the lake should be clear of the algae problem. Look for minnows in the shallows towards the evening for browns as well as bows. Good luck if you go and let me know how you/others did, been itchin to get up there.

I live over the hill from Pass,and the wind has not stopped blowing for more than an hour or two in the last week...on the bright side it has cleared up...Good Fishing...Alan
Hey LOU,
Sounds like Christmas came early at your house…

Was at Pass Sunday morning. Plenty of algae but it’s breaking up..I didn’t find it to be a problem. Somehow I’ve managed to overlook Pass until now so that was my first time as well. No action in shallows but it was early in the day. I was finding them deep..plenty of rainbows, couple of them big. Browns must’ve known I was new there.
Good luck if you go…..have fun breaking in your stuff! :thumb:


I haven't done pass yet I'm curious to hear how you did. It's in my Fly Fishing Washington book as one of the best in the state.
I too have the u boat 2000, and I love it. I think it's the best value on the market. I liked it so much my buddy bought. He's cheap a hell, so I know it's a good value. Tight Lines! Pete if you see this I'm not talking about you! :rolleyes:
beaver lake and pine lake are somewhat decent if you can stomach houses and suburbia, alot of people snub their noses at them, but they do hold huge fish nonetheless. Pine Lake also has a few
browns in it. they are not desintation spots as much as Pass Lake is, but they are way closer to get to.
Im pretty sure Pine lake closed on the 31st. But beaver lake is possible (that is if you want to stay close), and it will be receiving 3000 brood stock trout in about a week.
Yeah Ford Fender, Christmas came early this year. Are you kidding, its almost 2 months away and I cant wait that long.
Pass was hard for me. There were other guys there that did well, but I didnt have enough patience to keep working the banks. After a few cast along the banks I got bored and trolled around. Got a few bites but no hook ups.
Lesson learned: Gotta have patience and keep working the banks and underwater logs until you get a fish. There was this guy there who stood at the boat launch and kept casting retrieving a minnow pattern and eventually got 2 nice fishes. One rainbow and one brown, amazing stuff.
Overall a good day, no fish for me, but met some great people who taught me a lot, learned to kick around in a tube and realy enjoyed my new wader.
I'll get them next time.
Oh yeah about the algae, its not that bad. Most of the water is murky green but the top algae layer is mostly concentrated to one down wind area. Its not that bad, just blotches, not sheets.