Taylor River, CO Night Fishing

Hey all,
Just thought I'd share a few pictures snapped during two nights of fishing the Taylor River in Colorado. For those of you unfamiliar with the Taylor it's one of Colorado's famous "mysis tailwaters" where trout pig out (and grow to immense size) on mysis shrip coming through the bottom release dam. The Frying Pan and the Blue are the other two. The current Colorado state record catch and release rainbow trout record (~20 pounds I think and 40-1/4 inches) comes from the small stretch of public water below the dam where these pictures were taken. Needless to say, being a short stretch of public water, in Colorado, and having large trout don't make for a solitary fishing experience...that's why I like to fish it at night. The pictures below are some of the fruits of my labor here. Just as a side note, the brown was hooked within 2 minutes of arriving at the river. The picture of the rainbow doesn't really do it justice, they have some serious shoulders...the fish in the picture is being held straight not curved. Oh, and these are from early October and yes it's pretty cold at night!

Any fish I've ever caught here at night has been on a mysis pattern, size 16,18,20. It's not exactly a standard mysis you'll find in most shops though, I like to keep some secrets :D