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What a horrible game. Seneca, have a seat. Matt Get in here! :beathead: I thought Mike was going to have a heart attack. Holy smokes! The worst part is I really thought we were going to pull it off in the end. :beathead: And that last interception, there wasn't a hawk in sight. :beathead: And, we had so many chances, I mean they missed those two field goal attempts. :beathead:


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This one's on Holmgren. Starting Alexander who is at best in exhibition game condition was a huge gaffe. He had the foot speed of Andre the Giant and the explosive first step of Rosanne Barr. The coaching and game plan seemed to be conspiculously absent also. Wallace isn't tall enough to effectively throw downfield and would have been better utilized throwing little outs and sideline patterns than trying to get it all at once downfield. He didn't use his footspeed and evasiveness to any advantage either.

But mostly they just looked flat from the get-go and acted like they were supposed to win. In a league where you snooze you lose these guys did more than snooze-they showed up with their 'jammies on. Ive
Ya, we played horrible, another running back having a huge day off us. Seneca was a little too impatient, almost as if he was nervous. His head was not in the game today. He made a lot of mistakes that he normally wouldn't make, And don't completely blame him for the last int. A QB doesn't just randomly throw it to the defense, someone blew there route and he obviously didn't recognize it. Not to excuse it however, it was his fault, its just not as stupid of play as it looked. Back to our main problem, the defense. I dont know whats up with this unit, last year and the start of this year they were outstanding, my guess is the need to become more disciplined, their overrunning lanes. Theres a lot of speed out there they just need to learn how to use it better. They also need to focus on sound tacklling techniques and better pursuits on the ball carrier. The 3 defensive players that i thought tackled well durin this game were Hamlin, Tatupu, and Wistrom. I know hamlin missed that one that Gore broke for like 60 yards, but besides that he did good. Ohh, and trufant did good at saving long TD runs, which is kind of sad that he had to do that multiple times. I really dont know who to blame with this, id hate to say our LBers, but its certainly not the seconderies fault, and i didn't think our D line was that bad. Maybe just a overall combination of D line and LBers. Bernard, Peterson, and Fisher are better pass rushers but compromise on the rush defense. Wistrom, and Hill are good run stoppers but rarely pressure the QB. Tatupu is just all around great at everything it seems like, and Darby has his moments where hes great at both and then other times he just cant seem to get it. Its hard to say what the exact problem is, or who the exact problem is. I just dont get it though, the came into the year as one of the best run stopping defenses out, behind only the notorius defenses like Carolina, Sad Diego, Pittsburg, and the Ravens. So yoiu cant just say that there just not a good run stopping defense, there is a cause to all this. So i cant seem to draw a conclusion about our run defense, maybe someone else can take the info i mentioned and figure something out. Another problem we have is rushing the football, its not our running backs fault there are no lanes, it the O line. Hutchinson leaving hurt us, and Ashworth just can't play, we need Locklear back. Like the announcers have been saying all season, the real problem is aging, Walter is always gonna be good, no matter how old he is hes still gonna be better than a majority of O linemen in the league. Chris Gray and Robbie Tobbeck are pretty old and will be replaced by Chris Spencer at center, and maybe Rob Sims at guard. At LG we will always have problems. Womack just isn't a starting lineman, but with nobody better hes our only choice. So basically were gonna hang on o our O line until they just cant play anymore, probly a year or two, then just wait until the young linemen develop. But for this season, were just screwed, theres nothing we can do about it. Its not like we can find better lineman in free agency, and trading for someone would just make things worse by messing up chemistry, both from incomming player and replacement for the traded person. I think Hassellbeck will carry us the rest of the season into the playoffs, Seneca just can't make up for no running game and no defense. Hopefully Hasselbeck can. Another factor to our losing is our SS, its sort of just picking what you want to be bad at, Boulware is good on run defense, but not great in pass defense, he tended to give up big plays which was why he was benched. Babineaux doesn't give up the big plays but struggles with run defense. Hamlin i have no complaint abouts, he is playing outstanding football, in both run and pass. In my opinion, he could go to the pro bowl, he certainly has the numbers. He also could get comeback player of the year. Our corners are playing well, the rookie is playing decent, he isn't getting picked on like a lot of rookies, that said he isn't playing at a high level either. Trufant is good, but Herndon i think is our weak link. Our recieving core is outstanding, when Engram comes back i think we will have the deepest group in the league. We have 5 capable recievers. DJack, Branch, Engram, Burleson, and Hackett. I dotn like our TE situation though, Stevens has another bad day. 1 dropped first down, and a crucial fumble. I think i covered everything, and said what i wanted to say, ohh ya, one more thing, Seahawks will still win the division, the 49ers will stumble sooner or later and the hawks will start playing better when hasselbeck is back. Now ive said what i wanted to say. I started this post at 7, and only planned to write a couple of lines, well, 45 minutes later i got this post. Hope you guys gain something from this post and make it worth my time.

They have a small defense that is week against the run and good against the pass. Last year Seattle's offense forced other teams to match their output there fore putting the other teams in passing situations early. Their poor run defense was never exposed last year. If Seattles offense gets back on track, their defense can get on track too. The NFC is really weak (including duh Bears) so don't jump off the bandwagon yet. Just be thankful Seattle isn't back in the Ole'AFC West.
This season has not been pretty at all let alone that game. Last season was glorious and looked glorious even in the close games. Thanks a lot Chief Seattle!!!!!! Oh well......just another season ptyd
Everyone calm down, its early, Lets not jump ship yet. Lets get the team back and healthy and see what happens. We are only 6-4. Do u all not remember the 90'S. Come on show some pride.

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They just need to improve massively from now on. Alexander got way too many touches, especially with the way Mo's been playing. Morris got 12yds on two runs for an average of 6 yds a carry...