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Anyone sucessfully execute bagging a deer, elk, etc and catch a trout in the same day? To me this would be the unltimate expereince. Anyone fish and hunt at the same time?

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Do you mean simultaneously? Like you're standing waist deep in the current, Fly rod in one hand bent nearly in half as 34" steelhead takes you well into your backing; shooting one-handed at a 6x6 bull elk on the opposite side of the river?


But I did pack my flyrod when I went duck hunting in October. Didn't have much luck with either one!


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I bagged a nice trout after giving up on the last day of hunting. That turned my day around real fast when I saw the tail splash and my fly dissapear. Much better the seeing a tail flash and my deer dissapear :beathead: .
Yep, I'm talking both at the same time.....I always spook up deer when I fly fish. Definitely doable in the fall on a remote river that runs through public hunting land.
We all have heard talk about getting a grand slam in fishing, so what would be a worthy grand slam for a cast and blast outing?

As a bird hunter, I can see notable bragging rights if you were able to take Quail, Grouse, and Pheasant, and either a steelhead or a salmon on the same weekend, say sun rise Friday to sun down Sunday. That would be a hell of a weekend.


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That's interesting Jim, what would the logistics look like? The only place that seems doable is maybe the Grande Rhonde area...

Do you think you could pull that off on the Methow?
Hmm..probably would involve a drive to Bridgeport area for Pheasants, but Steelhead, Quail and Grouse, that could be done in the Methow Valley. Right now I would settle on just one of those Turkeys I saw last weekend. :thumb:


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I have done, deer and steelhead in the same day. Dove/salmon, trout/ducks, steelhead/ducks, steelhead/chukar/quail/huns, steelhead/grouse...
always fun to take advantage of all the opportunities presented in an area.

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Have done deer and elk while getting steelhead and salmon afterwards/before. But not at the exact same time (but on same day). Not sure I'd want to try flyfishing or such while having a rifle slung over my shoulder. Know back in the day, could do some south sound rivers and quite a few SW washington rivers for salmon/steelhead and still put a tag on a deer/elk. Not sure how much anymore (with all the building that's going on).

At same time? No. But on same day? Yes.
A few years ago, I took a 4x4 mulie in the morning and followed up with 4 steelhead and numerous trout on my fly rod in the afternoon. Now that was a day to remember. Woo hoo!


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I no longer big game hunt but when I did in the early 1970s I had a day in the Snoqualmie drainage where I shot a blacktail buck in the early mornng, killed a ringneck in the late morning and caught several steelhead and sea-runs in the aftternoon.

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This thread got me thinking. Has anyone been out on a lake in their float tube with a shotgun and a flyrod? That sound like a good time; trolling a streamer while keeping a look out for ducks and geese. I haven't hunted waterfoul before, but this seems interesting. How about the recoil while sitting in a float tube? Is this legal?