Fort lewis.. ?



hey, i heard that there are some small trout/ salmon streams on fort lewis that are good if you are a military member.. ? any body hear of this please respond.
I would like to know this too, I hear the Nisqually flows through the base, and whoever can get on the base can fish parts that obviously no one else can.

Jerry Daschofsky

Staff member
Yup, the Nasty flows through the fort. Used to be pretty easy to access. Nowadays almost impossible. Do believe now you have to know EXACTLY when you want to fish it, then get a pass for that day, then reverify when you want to fish it. Heard it's pretty tough. But the Nasty used to be a terrific salmon and steelhead river. Have some chummers hitting that river pretty quick. You CAN get on, you just need to find out what it takes nowadays. I know we used to be able to get a multiweek pass back in the day.
Chambers Lake on Fort Lewis used to hold some very big fish. Used to hit the north end of the lake where the main channel is very spring creek like. Haven't fished it in about three years though.

Lots of access to the nisqually from Fort Lewis as well.
It's easy to get a pass, go to the main gate, get a visitor pass, then go to Range control, and get a pass that's good for an entire year. Then call the number on the pass to check the area you want to fish for the given day, and if it's clear, go fish it. Very rarely are there live fire excercises that spoil your fishing. Make sure to display the vehicle pass on your dash, and carry the personal one in your wallet, doesn't cost any money, either. Bob.
Most of the fort will be close in Dec. for an unspecified amount of time.
They are doing major training for deployment in 2007.

I was hunting today and they had 6 or 7 choppers in the air at any one time.