Best Fish of 06


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good GOD IBN. considering your small stature, thats a toader. same with you Andy...its game on Todd! Brendan, youre just cheating...all my pics are up, but heres the lady's fish of the year.

Rob Zelk

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Great fish guys!


It must be a hatchery! no adipose ;)

Here's my biggest of 06. It was a nice buck that nailed my fly after i had lost almost every fly i had, all in one run. I lost 8 flies, and one sinktip before i caught the fish! It was the day from hell until... Sorry about the bad pic, i didn't tape him because i like to get the wild ones back asap. Most likely in the 12-14lb range


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34 inch Dean fish. Easily the hottest single fish I have ever had the pleasure of taking for a swim. I caught some bigger ones this year but this fish smoked my drawers off!!


patrick barta

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This 26 incher from the Yak last February. I'm told it's most likely a Steelhead. Dose any know for sure?? How do ya tell?? Sure looks like a trout to me.