Swap Summer Steelhead swap

Salmon Chaser

Wannabe Spey God
I'd say I'll have some tying/copying to do when these arrive. Some sweet looking flies boys:thumb: Can't wait to show these to the lads in the club:beer2:
Salmon Chaser
I will be puting together all of the packages tonight and will have um mailed out no later than Monday. The flies look great. I havent heard from my friend stephen so I guess he is out of the swap. Ron Eagle Elk I got you flies today.


Hallelujah, I'm a Bum!!!
I am assuming that you found my printed return mailing label in the package with the flies and postage money. If not let me know and I will send a PM with my complete mailing address.

I have all but one persons flies packet up and they are going to be in the mail tomorrow. You will find a few random bugs in each of your stuff that I threw in because of you generosity. Thanks a ton guys for making this thing happen. Now it is time to go fish these flies!!!

Will Atlas

not I. cant wait for them though. My winter steelhead box has been full since christmas and I'm only replacing the ones I loose because I'm out of space. Consequently I've been spending alot more time tying and thinking about summer steelhead flies. One nice thing is they're soo much smaller I can fit a ton more in the box!