5 minute epoxy

So I went to the home center today looking for 5 minute epoxy (figured I'd save a few bucks and needed some light bulbs anyway!). I'm tying some poxy back stones and copper johns. Never having used the stuff I was perplexed by the fact that what I could find said that it dried 'translucent yellow'. I figured I'd want it to dry clear. It came in a double syringe type thing for easy mixing. Loctite I think was the brand.

Is that the stuff I want?

What do you use?
Try another store with a different line of 'poxy. Clear is clear and not translucent. A fly shop would have it and it wouldn't be THAT expensive. I use rod building epoxy if I want "clear.

As a rule, the lower the epoxy's pot life, the more it will yellow over time. This is more of an aging issue, and not so much a curing issue. I use the the Devcon (I think that's the brand) from Wal-Mart, but I'll usually use 30 minute or even rod epoxy on stuff I want to look nice.



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I've used devcon, zpoxy, "super glue" brand, Elmers, red devil, and probably a few others when I've been in a pinch and needed to complete an order. Other than the fact that Zpoxy smells like dead grandmas, I haven't noticed much difference. For things like surf candies, I now use 1 minute for the undercoat and 5 minute for the "pretty" layer.


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Devcon 5 minute stays the ‘clearest’ of the 5 minute epoxies that I have tried. It will cost a few bucks more, but if you want clear…
For what you are doing, I probably wouldn’t bother with the longer drying rod builders’ epoxy. There are some excellent choices available, but they are generally less viscous and may require more effort and time to dry neatly on a wing-case.
I know that everybody says you want clear epoxy, but the normal 5 minute stuff that is "translucent yellow" works fine for my baitfish heads. The brand that I use (don't remember which) doesn't yellow that much. It isn't really very noticeable.


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I use West Systems, mainly cause I can buy it in bulk and use it on boats too. You can get it at any marine supply house.It's not quite 5 minutes, more like 30 to set and all night to cure.
I use UV knot sense by Loon...setting time takes less than 5 min. It might be a little pricier, but it's simple to use...no fuss, no muss:thumb:
Thanks for all the replies! I got the Devcon stuff from the fly shop... yeah, not that much more ($$$). Haven't tried it yet but I will soon!:thumb:


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True, hardware stores aren't thinking flytying, but that's where the innovators bought theirs! Popovics, who is by no means the first, but probably the most famous innovator, still recommends devcon. But he says it's a case of quality AND availability. He can go to shows all over the country, say "get devcon" and the audience can. There is some argument that normal 5 minute isn't truly waterproof, but that stuff for flytying like pugliese's is. I've never had a problem with standard 5 minute...