Pattern Need hints to tying the teeny nymph??

I got a book by jim teeny for christmas. Then I got a cheap fly tying starter kit. I tried to tie a few yesterday during the game and well they turned out (^(Y((&(*(*&(*&(*(*&%&^$R^%$&. To say the least. Anybody ever tie this fly?? Any tips on getting to work for a dummy when it comes to tying flies?? Thanks
Start with decent pheasant tail feather barbules and wrap the shank of the hook up to the eye. Take even more barbules and attach them as a wing. Unless you got an excellent tying kit, the materials are likely of poor quality for this tie. You might go to a fly shop and purchase a "model" to copy.

Tying flies is not something that comes easily as there are many elements to consider. You might seek instruction from an experience tier, instructional books and videos as well as a mentor. See also the many tying sites on the web.



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Go to his website and you can watch the video of him tying some I think.

Here is another idea. I tied these up 'teeny styel' using bucktail. After I was done, I coated them in 'hard as nails'. The sea run cutties really seem to dig them off the beaches. Anyway, the bucktail is easier to tie with and you can start with bigger patterns. Then, when you have that down, move on to pheasant tail and smaller hooks.

Nice flies Chad.

Willie told me about your teeny nymph pattern with bucktail that worked down at the beach the other day and I was tying amphipods for the coho so I worked some up with blended brown and orange bucktail. Those sipping Coho smacked it like a truck! So my hat's off to you.

J Nordwell, what parts of your fly didn't you like or you were having problems with (besides getting distracted by the game). Get specific and maybe the advice can be more specific.


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Cool. I did some mixing with the colors as well with good results on the cutties. Still no salmon for me though. But then I've only been out a few times this season so far.

I usually wrap them with a few wraps of lead for use when fishing with a full floating line. I tried a few with bead heads too and they worked just about as well. Add in a few strands of crystal flash or something to spice it up a little more.

Oh, and I coat the body with clear 'hard as nails' for durabilily (and it gives it a bit of a transparent shell look in the water).
I'm having trouble with keeping the feathers together when wrapping them around the hook. I watched his video on the net and made 2 more and they look a little better. It may be the hook size I bought size 4 nymph hooks. I might go buy size 8 and try again. If I try not to make the fibers go to far they look better. I guess I hav some homework to do! LOL


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It's definately a 2 hand job. I grab the fibers in one hand and make a snug wrap, then use the other hand to press the wrap on the top of the hook as I make the next wrap. Repeat inching up as you go. Other than pricking my fingers on the hook more than once, I got pretty fast at it after 3 or 4 flies.

Mike Etgen

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It's probably obvious, but on the orange flies at the bottom of your photo, are the bodies wrapped bucktail? Have you tried any in other colors?

They definitely look like something that Coho would eat up. I've got to try those - thanks for sharing, and set me right if I've guessed incorrectly on the bodies.