Peterson Spawning Shrimp


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Not really tough. It does incorporate many techniques, that in themselves are easy but that if you've never done, look complicated in the final product. The hardest thing seems to be where they stick the hook into the mylar tubing so half the shank is inside the tubing, and the rest lays flat underneath. a couple tries and an intermediate tyer can pull one off in 10 minutes if they know the techniques. Overly complicated for my fly box, when a tan and white clouser will catch any fish that fly will... Don't get me wrong, I appreciate pretty flies, but I don't tie them unless they bring something to the table others don't. Durability, action, casting ease... Something new...
I appreciate your comments Philster, and certainly share your perspective on durability and keeping it simple.

My thoughts are putting into the fly box a few patterns that have, as they say, the elbows and arseholes on it for those rare windless days fishing over well educated bonefish. I've had a few of those types of days where the fish would have perfectly clear calm water and seemed to sit and stare at the fly before turning away, and wanted something more realistic instead of just a good impression of the real thing.

This pattern seemed like it might be a little different than the Gotchas, Charlie's and mini-puffs that the fish have seen all winter long, but was concerned that it might be a bear to tie up, especially as I am somewhere in between a beginner and intermediate tyer, depending on the fly.

Philster, any recommendations of what to use on the flats for high visibility conditions or well fished-over bonefish that keeps it simple and is durable?


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how about a small crab with the spines snipped off and side hooked?:clown:
Don't get caught up with what the person did on that fly. tie one up with the same motion, and overall impression of shape and profile. The mylar is the way it is so he can "hi tie" the front wing, like on an aztec streamer, and get the color change in with the thread. That's pretty but not necessary. just have a normal mylar tube body, and paint the top front third of the body with some sparkle t-shirt paint, color of your choice and a very short wing tied clouser style over that would do it. Heck, skip the mylar and use silver or clear sparkle tshirt paint over white thread coated with Loon hardhead for the body, and once again color the front third. Shape, size, movement. Don't sweat the details. He had to make it complicated to call it hiz-own and market it...

For other flies, pattern doesn't really matter much to me, but going slightly lighter in color than the bottom and sometimes mostly clear stuff works well. Like a Whitlock salt shrimp with clear/grey dubbing, or believe it or not really small merkins with once again smokey clear material. Those legs seem to make some fish hungry. My personal belief is that with any heavily pressured population, don't matter if it's the Henry's Fork or on christmas island, they've seen everything, so the edge goes to flies that behave right, not look right. Best thing for that is with a merkin or other stable dumbell eyed fly, to tie in a pair of "kickstands" like on Lafontaines bristle leech. Cast WELL out in front wait while your testicles climb up into your belly, and when they're about 5 feet away, one quick strip of a foot or so, pause, and then hand twist retrieve slowly so you can feel the pickup. Even if the bottom doesn't kick up a cloud, the intial jump of the fly is more awkward, and to my eyes looks more panicked. The hand twist works for me and is much easier than following the fish after the burst and "guessing" when they pick it up. But if you're experienced and have good eyes, it can quite a show to do it all visually. My eyes are a little bit of a problem the last two years... Once again, that's for "special" conditions.
Great stuff, thanks Philster.

If I'm fortunate to have those type of conditions again I'll definitely be working a hand twist retrieve as you suggest; just hope my hands are not shaking while I'm doing it. Bone fishing is not a relaxing sport: the tension of the stalk on spooky fish and anticipation of waiting for a pick up are sooo intense. If you're not pumping adrenaline out your ear holes you must be embalmed.

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Yeah, I've got one of those. Thought they looked cool. Not sure I will have time to try to replicate it before I head out to Belize...