Nite Boss a classic original

With water levels LOW here in Norcal and the local area rivers closed due to low flow i have been heading North to the South Fork of the Eel river. I was reading some articles on the old time tiers (Lloyd Sylvius,Jim Pray,etc.) So what Ive done is tie up a few of the old patterns like Nite owl, thor and polar shrimps among others and this weekend I am going to fish mostly these classic patterns. With only a few lickers and no biters I should have just as good a chance as any. I know back in the day these flies did there share of catching so it ought to be interesting to try. But of course I couldnt resist tying up something new. Ive had something like this in mind for a while and finally sat down and tied one. I call it the Nite Boss as it is part nite owl and part boss. I tied it with four bead eyes also, I like the looks of it but who know what the fish will think. Just thought I would share with you all. Good fishing! Kevin


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I went to Humboldt State in the early 80s. I used to tie and fish the whole "Optic" range. Those flies and your example work fine. To be honest from the russian river north I've never seen anything outfish a silver bodied orange boss for low water. Great salmon flies as well. Thanks for reminding me.