MOTHER vs. LL Bean


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As some of you may know, MOTHER has filed suit against LL Bean in United States District Court, charging LL Bean with violation of trade dress, unfair business competition and unfair business practices in relation to LL Bean’s Upland Vest Pack and MOTHER’s Day Pack.

We are entering the discovery phase of this proceeding and need to hear from those who thought that maybe MOTHER was producing this item for LL Bean, that we had some hand in the design, or where somehow otherwise confused by the relationship of the two companies and products.

No reply to this posting is necessary. Please send your comments directly to Jefferson Coulter at

Thanks so much!


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... Marty just PM'd me - I think I get it now. It's a legitimate request and I wish MOTHER the best, not that I have anything against LL Bean.


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For all you confused souls, Marty works for or runs Mothers.

Sounds like LL might be borrowing a bit too much...:hmmm: