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James Mello

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SuperDave said:
Be sure to use a rotissarie to rotate the rod while the expoy is drying on the wraps. If you don't have one, you'll find it worthwhile borrow one. (Again another reason to belong to a club)

If left on it's own, epoxy will dry with very noticeable "sags". :beathead:

While it's nice to have, it's not impossible to get excellent results without one. One of the better knownn rod builders, Tom Kirkman, has never used one. His secret to success is to turn the rod 90 degrees every 5 minutes for the first 2 hours, then slowing backing off the time from there.

With that said, there is nothing like having the freedom to get out while the epoxy hardens. Is it really an expense you need? No, but damn, it sure is good to not have to sit around for 4 hours.....
Agreed. I just finished my first rod, so its not like I know anything, but I just turned it by hand and it came out fine. A dryer would have been nice, but you don't really need one. Just cut a couple notches in a cardboard box and make sure you have a couple hours to kill.
OK, there are alternate methods to get the epoxy to dry smoothly. A rotissarie doesn't keep you confined for a number of hours but other manual methods do. Always having had access to a rotisarrie, I prefer that method.

The fact remains, that unless rotated, the epoxy WILL "sag" when drying.

Thanks again for all the advise. I just ordered a book by Tom Kirkman and am trying to decide what kit I should order for my first attempt. My ultimate plan is to build a rod for my dad. He does not fly fish, I have tried to nudge him into it but i figure if I build him a rod myself he would be much more apt to give it a shot. My first attemt will be for me so if i screw it up I wont worry about it too much but hopefully by my second or third try I can create a rod thats worthy to be given to my dad. Has anyone seen any really cheap kits? I dont really care about the weight of my first kit, though something in a 2 or 3 weight would be fun.

Hook & Hackle has some kits on sale right now. You can choose with or without glues. They have a 2 pc. 2wt. kit for around $60 with the glues.
Perhaps if you defined "really cheap" we could advise you.

There are lots of sources of rod blanks. By doing a search you can find them in many price ranges. The choice will depend how much you want to spend.

Unless you are experienced, a 2-3 weight is a tad light for a general purpose rod. A 6 weight might be more appropriate for your Dad.

sorry, let me clarify. My first rod is just my practice rod that i will keep, and I thought a 2 or 3 weight would be fun to have. My dad's rod is going to be a 8'6" 5 weight. thanks again.