Cranberry Lake report(Decepetion pass)?


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I might have to give Cranberry a try real soon. Last Sunday I caught a real nice rainbow using one of Ceviche's wooly buggers on Pass Lake. I was actually targeting browns and came up with a rainbow I could not get into my net on two try's. On the third attempt I managed to slip it in. I went for my camera and the batteries were dead. I have caught my share of nice rainbows over the years and this fish was one of the nicer ones I have seen in W. WA. I told Dave 20"+. Wished I would have put it against my rod but my focus was getting it back in the drink. I hope to meet him again later this spring.

Cranberrry is a lake I never seem to make it to. Thanks for planting the seed once again.


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Mid March and beyond has always been good to us on Cranberry ....release those guys because if you keep'em you need lots of seasoning to get the taste of dirt out...mud trout yuk :( :( :(