WFF : Dry Falls : Apr 20-22

Dry Falls (New for 2007)

Yea the coons undid the zipper and got into my fishing bag for the mid day snacks I had in there last year. Dam clever little buggers.
Dry Falls (New for 2007)

I'm in for the Seeps if it ever happens. Already got an earlier weekend booked for Dry Falls. Chronomids, schmonomids, it's a part of fishing just like folding laundry is a part of life, only a lot more fun if it's fishing.

Old Man

Just an Old Man
Dry Falls (New for 2007)

Hide you food good or put it into something they can't open up. Because I know that they like bread and pop tarts. :rofl: :rofl:



Trout have no politics
Dry Falls (New for 2007)

I didn't quit just to make a fishing weekend, just worked out that way. You can never say no to less stress, better pay, better benefits, and making your own schedule. Ooh Rah!