Swap BWO time

mike doughty

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it's time to have a blue wing swap. fishing blue wings will be off the hizzle here in the next 3 weeks or so, so who is in? topwater or subsurface does'nt make a difference to me, the only thing i ask is no newbie tiers on this one, sorry. I'll make the dealine around the end of march. the usual dozen or so tiers


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Small Mayfly in the Baetis family that hatches early and late in the year. BWO stands for Blue Wing Olive and is a standard reference to mayflies with an olive body and a blue wing. Not all BWOs are Baetis. It just has become a common usage in the west because how big the hatches is. Baetis are a small mayfly size 22-16, with 18 being the most common. In Washington you have 5 different subspecies. I have seen steelhead on the Deschutes feeding on them just like a trout. In Utah it is one of the best hatches of the year and provides some of the best dry fly fishing. Hope this helps.

mike doughty

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myself-cdc loop wing - done
marty- cdc dry - in hand
calvin 1 - in hand
luckybalboa - in hand
gotchasr-emerger of some sort - in hand
rockstar- in hand
yuhina-#20 bwo nymph - in hand
DDS - out
nova-tungsten mercers mayfly - in hand


Wheres my flies bitch...!!!

Ok im in Tungsten Mercers mayfly variant or do you want me to tie the Jerry beetis