Taxidermy Help

maybe someone here is familiar with taxidermy work. I have done several small projects such as a bobcat rug and a an ermine, but this weekend I am working on a full shoulder mount of a mule deer. I bought two different how-to videos and several books on the topic and it has been going great so far. PROBLEM: the taxidermy supply company sent me 5 lbs of dry tan preservative as opposed to the hide paste I ordered. hide paste is basically a slow drying glue that you cover the manikin with before you apply the cape. Is there an alternative product or glue that you think would work? I was thinking about the white elmers glue, I really wish they sent me what I ordered. I don't have the time to put everything back into the freezer and wait until I get the correct glue, plus I don't know how the freezer would effect all of the other prep work I have done thus far. I have called several taxidermy shops for advise, but they don't appear to be open on weekends or at least this early.
any advise would be appreciated, thanks

Rather than experiment with an unknown substitute for the product you want why not just keep the pelt chilled until you get the correct product?

I do taxadermy on a regular basis and I wouldnt use elmers, like the prevoius post freeze or chill until you get what you need. If you try something else and it doesnt work and you are to a point of no return then youre gonna be stuck