Pattern Czech Nymph - first attempt

I have to hit a lot of small pools and pocket water in the SE so I needed a weighted pattern that gets down quickly. Here's a pattern I found that has some serious weight underneath. This will be the top fly with a size 18 or smaller midge pattern behind it. As we lack many good freestone streams in the Appalachian streams, midges are always a hot ticket.

The wraps on top are mono thread that get wound tightly to cause segmentation. The first wrap is all out of whack....

What do you think?



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Looks like somethings wrong with the table in the word doc, but I got it to open by downloading the word file.

Anyway, looks like an awesome nymph there! Thanks for sharing it!



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Jason, those look great. Now, you just need to tie up a few dozen in the various sizes and colors of the local caddis, weighted and unweighted.......



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It is a cool looking fly! I like these Czach nymphs too. The only question I have here is how you going to fish them? with shots? or use Czach nymphing technique?
I did Czach nymphing very often and love it (I tried not to use shots). Usually I found if you dub the body too much... they will not sink well. Even you put lot's of lead wire on the body section. Water will float and drift it. If I tried to keep a slim profile, they will sink faster in the strong current.