6126 Z-axis spey Rod

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I bought this rod for a trip that I am no longer going on. It is in near perfect condition and has only been fished once, for a hour. It still has the warrenty card. I am asking $650. I also have a galvan T-10 w/ the correct 350 grain skagit for the rod. The reel is also virtually new and the line is the same. I am asking $400 for line and reel. I will settle for $1000 for both rod and reel.
Thanks Guys


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why are you selling it? this rod is awesome.

It needs to be paired with a 450gr + tips. I'm fishing a 550gr cut back 5ft with 9ft of t-14. Sweet rod. Someone should buy it.
I'd be interested in the rod, if it sells for 600.- and you ship to Denmark (Scandinavia)...
I can paypal or transfer the money to your bank.

Best rgds

Jesper Steffensen
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